Beautifully designed Twitter marketing software for single accounts
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Automatic follow

Increase followers

Automatically follow Twitter users who may be interested in your niche based on keywords, followers/followings of another user, suggested follows and more.

Engage with users

Send tweets automatically with the option to mention Twitter users. Whether you’re updating users on your niche or reaching out to potential customers, TweetPulse is the tool for you.

Automatic tweet
Automatic like and retweet

Respond to tweets

Grab attention of Twitter users by automatically liking, retweeting (or both) tweets that may relate to your niche.

Get thousands of real followers with minimal effort

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Beautiful design and experience

The TweetPulse look and feel is inspired from Google’s Material Design. This gives the software a clean modern look and easy to use experience. The main window is just 600 pixels wide and 530 pixels tall without compromising any features. TweetPulse is one of the best designed Twitter marketing tools around.

Follow users automatically


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    Scrape mode

    Grab a list of Twitter usernames to be used in the other automated tools of TweetPulse. Usernames can be obtained by keywords, your ‘Who to follow’ list, followers or followings of another user or by account names. You can import and export lists.

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    Follow mode

    Automatically follow scraped users with a given time delay to prevent follow limit abuse and mimic manually following users. You can even set follow ignore options such as; no profile photo, last 3 tweets contain links, last tweet is 3 days old and more.

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    Unfollow mode

    Automatically unfollow all the users you follow or just those who don’t follow you back.

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    Tweet mode

    Post tweets automatically with the option to mention a user from the list of scraped users. Specify a time delay to be able to tweet through the day and night.

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    Like/retweet mode

    Like, retweet (or both) tweets automatically by the first tweet of each scraped user, tweets that mention a keyword/username or a list of your own tweet ID’s.

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    Message mode

    Send direct messages automatically to your followers with a given time delay and the ability to reuse messages.

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    Task statistics

    Once a task has finished running, the statistics page will show you a breakdown of any failed parts of the tasks.

Is TweetPulse for me?

Whether you’re a business owner, musician, artist, blogger, charity worker or just an everyday tweeter, TweetPulse will help you promote just about anything – eliminating the need to pay for advertising. TweetPulse is your cheap solution to building an audience and keeping engaged using the variety of tools provided. TweetPulse is frequently updated with new features to assist your Twitter marketing further.

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